Chemical Injection Pumps - Supplies and Equipment

ITC ( Injection Technical Control Industries Inc.) is a world leader in Metering, Dosing Pumps and Fluid Control. Morrill Industries, Inc. is offering these quality, high efficiency injection pumps and chemical injection pump supplies, parts and custom designed pipe fittings for a wide range of chemical injection applications and industries to distributors throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Morrill Industies is the leader in the US, Canada and Mexico for
Chemical Dosing Pumps - Supplies and Equipment

This video shows a simple view of a Dostec 40 60 GPH piston pump.
Showing calibration tube, calibration knob, and suction and discharge of a chemical.


Electric dosing pumps for flows ranging from 2.5 l/h to 2000 l/h, and maximum pressure up to 20 bar.

Membrane and piston pumps specially designed for the dosing of all type of chemical products whether corrosive, toxic or highly viscous, for water treatment applications, industrial processes, petrochemical industry and agriculture.

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Hydraulic Dosing Pumps are hydraulically driven and work without electric power.
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Electromagnetic Dosing Pumps with Diaphragm for 0.5 to 20 l/h Flow and maximum working pressure up to 20 bar. Specially designed for water treatment, industrial processes, swimming-pools, agriculture.
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Control equipment for dosing pumps for the regulation of free chlorine, pH, RedOx, EC and proportional dosing.
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Chemigation Injection System
  • Complete Chemigation units come ready to install and operate.
  • Highly versatile to handle a wide range of chemical application
  • Expandability - 1 to 4 injection heads per single motor unit
  • Flexibility - each injection head can be a different capacity and inject independent of the other.
  • Superior Engineered and test and operating in over 50 countries World Wide for over 17 years.
  • Save chemical cost with precision injection

Fertigation Injection System
  • Fertigation units are precision designed for accuracy , and durability
  • Save fertilizer cost with precision injection.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Versatile units to meet the application needs of most every grower situation.
  • Simple Operation - with the turn of a dial you can adjust from 100% down to 10% of the maximum capacity of each injection head.

MULTIFERTIC dosing pumps are heavy duty, high precision pumps for chemical products, made up of one driving module and 1 to 4 injection modules for 25 to 500 1/h (7 to 150 GPH). Morrill Industries, Inc. has chemical injection pumps and controllers in a wide variety of sizes and specifications. This chemical injector can also be connected to provide several Independent Injection of different products simultaneously or to increase the injection flow. With the MULTIFERTIC chemical injector, by increasing the number of modules in the same injector, a higher flow regularly is obtained and/or multiple chemicals can be injected into the same flow. Morrill Industries, Inc. can help provide the best equipment and recommended solution for your chemical injection equipment needs.


Chemical Injection Pump - Dosing Pump Controllers    

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