CloudManager App

CloudManager App

Intuitive application to set up the 50 irrigation programs as well as the 48 fertigation recipes in the Water Controller, and to monitor at real-time the parameters used as key indicators of the crop.


  • Real-time information
  • App Available on Android or IOS
  • Satellite view
  • Conductivity and pH readings
  • Easily check the cost
  • Weather Forecast

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ITC’s CloudManager App is the online platform that can control remotely the Water Controller 3000 irrigation controller.

Extremely easy-to-use system which covert the tough job of setting up the irrigation programs into an easy an intuitive few steps job
Plug&play m2m system. Just giving power to the unit in the field the unit link automatically to the CloudManager and the unit is available in your mobile
Geo-locate the unit and display valves, pumps, filters and blocks on a satellite view or map, highlighting the activated devices on real time

Graphic display of the evolution of fertigation parameters such as EC and pH as well as water flow and pressure. Fertilizer instantaneous flow can be displayed in the same graph as EC, pH and water flow to check and correct, of necessary, pH and EC automatic PI control
SMS and email alarm service for any of the parameters controlled (water flow, pressure, EC, pH…)

Weather Forecast
– the geolocation the assistant informs about the weather forecast for the next 5 days, which can be direct linked to increase or reduce the irrigation run time through the Watering Factor


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