Mixer 0.6

Mixer 0.6

6 Spout Turbine Agitator (52.8 gallons)

  • Dismountable turbine without edges, for greater security
  • Direct transmission shaft in stainless steel
  • Motors: Single-phase: 220V(50Hz), 115/220V(60Hz) / 3-phase: 220/380V(50 / 60Hz) / Motor cc: 12Vcc


Turbine mixer for tanks up to 200 litres

Turbine agitator exclusively designed with 6 spouts, three of them radial with a centrifugal movement to produce a rotation of liquid, and three of them axial to stir the bottom. Depending on how electrodes and flowmeter are connected. A max/min alarm can be fixed for a conductivity/PH parameter or for “0” flow.


pdf icon ITC_Mixer_Range-EN-ES-FR


pdf icon ITC_Agitator-EN-ES-FR-IT2


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