Multifertic Dosing Pumps

Multifertic Dosing Pumps


  • Flow: 25-300 l/h
  • Maximum pressure: 15 bar
  • >Modular
  • High suction capacity
  • Independent flow regulation by each head
  • Expandability for flow regulation by frequency inverter (10% -120% of the flow)


MULTIFERTIC dosing pumps are heavy duty, high precision electric piston or diapragm pumps for injection and dosing of liquid products or chemicals.

They are made up of one driving module and 1 to 4 injection modules. The available heads are from 25 to 500 l/h for the piston series, and from 18 to 300 l/h for the diafragm series, independently regulated by means of a system of POSITIVE RETURN, exclusively distributed in the US, Canada and Mexico by Morrill Industries, Inc.

MULTIFERTIC dosing pumps are manufactured with materials that can withstand corrosive agro-chemical products, even acids. MULTIFERTIC dosing pumps are designed for all sorts of dosing processes where it is necessary to dose or inject a product into a hydraulic network, such as: food, textile, chemical industry, water treatments, etc.

Dosing flow of each module is adjustable independently with no need to stop the pump from 0% to 100% of its capacity.

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