Chemical injection pumps, when applied correctly and in conjunction with other sound agricultural and irrigation practices, can contribute to improved crop production. Some potential factors that can positively influence crop production when using chemical injection pumps include:

  • Enhanced Nutrient Management: Accurate and precise application of fertilizers and nutrients through chemical injection pumps can optimize nutrient availability for crops. This targeted approach ensures that crops receive the required nutrients in the right amounts at the appropriate times, promoting healthy growth, increased yields, and improved crop quality.
  • Effective Pest and Weed Control: Chemical injection pumps allow for precise application of pesticides and herbicides, enabling effective control of pests and weeds. Targeted application reduces chemical wastage, minimizes the risk of under-application or over-application, and promotes efficient pest and weed management. This can result in reduced crop damage and increased yield potential.
  • Optimal Disease Management: Timely and precise application of fungicides or other disease management chemicals through injection pumps can help prevent or control the spread of plant diseases. By applying the right dosage at the right time, farmers can minimize the impact of diseases on crop health, leading to improved productivity and yield protection.
  • Consistency and Uniformity: Chemical injection pumps ensure consistent and uniform distribution of chemicals across the field. This helps avoid uneven application patterns that may result in localized nutrient deficiencies, inconsistent pest control, or patchy weed suppression. Improved uniformity contributes to more even crop growth and yield distribution.

While the use of chemical injection pumps can positively impact crop production, it is important to note that their effectiveness is contingent upon proper calibration, calibration checks, maintenance, and integration within a comprehensive farm management plan. By using proper chemigation equipment, dosing pump and controllers farmers can save money and avoid applying excess chemicals which could unnecessarily leach into the soil. Automated and accurate chemical injection pumps and equipment from ITC can increase in crop production – increasing productivity and profitability!

chemical injection pumps for farms and irrigation

Control Your Dosing Pumps with our Remote App

Using advanced technology our CloudManager App can make it easy to control your farm’s irrigation and chemical dosing operations remotely via our online app platform.

Bottom line…our chemical injections pumps not only save you time and money they help improve your irrigation operations by providing automated Nutrient Management, Pest and Weed Control and improved disease management which together helps you increase your farm productivity and profitability.

Morrill Industries is the USA distributor of ITC dosing pumps which can play a valuable role in your dairy farm’s profitability. We invite you to contact us for more information on how we can help your dairy operation save time and money!

EcoFlow Water Conditioners


Conditioning water for your irrigation water can be handled by the Ecoflow Water Conditioner from Morrill Industries.  With better quality water you can expect to see greener, healthier, more robust crop growth with less water.

The maintenance-free Ecoflow™ Agricultural Catalytic Water Conditioner installed in-line on your water delivery system from a Well or Municipal Water system.